If you have had trouble in the past getting results from online studying, This video course will change that, you will be champing at the bit, to get to the next step!!!
Create your own Worry Free Life
Would you like to create a Worry Free Life and have all the things that you TRULY desire become available to you?
What if the life you are chasing now, is not actually the life that you want.
If there was a way to let you know what you truly wanted out of life, and give you the knowledge and tools to create the money and time to allow you to do it, would that be worth investigating further?
“After years of buying ways to change my circumstances, and having no results, I have finally found a way to change things that makes sense. The Worry Free Life course is so user friendly and full of straightforward tips and advice, that I have experienced a mindset shift after only 1 week. I have not actually seen any tangible results, but I feel a whole lot better, and that alone is worth ten times what I paid.
Testimonial from Adam
You could be one of those people who cannot make any sense of why they to do the same thing day after day, just standing still and trying to make ends meet.
You may have made lots of money, and are now wondering what all the fuss was about, because you realise that some of the things you have lost from your past, were in fact things that you still want.
You may be someone who knows that they have great ability, but have never been able to use or apply it to your benefit.
You might be someone who has tried to change things in the past using the latest wizz bang course or system.
It does not matter who you are, or what your financial standing is at this point, if you are not at peace with yourself, have good relationships, and are able to do the things you want to do, when you want to do them, then Worry Free Life online course could well change things for you.
Maybe it is time for some home truths, and to let you know what this is all about.
Hi my name is Croz, and I stumbled across the Worry Free Life concept, when I made my way back from financial ruin to a position of financial security. I also discovered many things along the way that I realised were essential to a Worry Free Life.Lots of what I have found to be true has come from helping others achieve the things that they truly desire in their lives, through my work as a mentor and coach.
People I have helped have come from all walks of life, some absolutely broke, and others with sizeable fortunes.
I was confused about a lot of things before I found Worry Free Life, I had been very successful in my business, but I had ignored my wife and family on the way to the top. The information and strategies contained in The Worry Free Life course have enabled me to rekindle those important parts of my life, and also given me a totally new outlook on the future, where I now know how to value the priceless things in life. This course is a soul searching journey and makes so much sense. We chase things that we do not really want. I wish I had known this information many years ago as it would have made things so much easier for me.
Testimonial from Stuart
The amazing fact is that although my clients have been very diverse, everyone of them had the same problem, they were confused, did not really know what they wanted and seemed to struggle to find contentment and peace.

Worry Free Life

I found that many of them had also tried to change things with courses and systems that had not delivered what they promised, and that had made them very sceptical about seeking help.

Worry Free Life is based on an old book, called The Science Of Getting Rich, written by Wallace Wattles in 1910, and it was the framework, for my dramatic recovery. What I found on that journey was that although this book contained some great advice, it was difficult to understand, and did not really go into detail about how to create the right mindset to accept and utilise the information.

We are all programmed differently as we grow up, and we all have varying views on what we want out of life, so a one size fits all philosophy, is obviously not going to work.

Worry Free Life teaches you how to find what you want and where you want to go in life, and gives you the tools you need to achieve that.

I am committed to telling as many people as possible about these wonderful teachings, and the time spent creating this course I believe is time well spent. I have included lots of tips and advice, that I normally teach my one on one clients, so the content I have included is worth many times the $197 cost of this course, and the anecdotes and stories will make your learning experience fun and life changing.

WORRY FREE LIFE is full of observations my wife and I have made on our journey, and another part our mission is to let as many people as possible realise just how much control they can have over their destiny.

You will learn

  • How to relax your mind and create a perfect state for receiving these teachings
  • How to establish what you WANT and not what you THINK you want
  • How to get back on the horse when you fall off
  • How being creative will serve you more than being competitive
  • How to be ready to allow things to come to you
  • How to create enough money to do what you want to do.
  • How to generate momentum towards your goals
  • And much much more

So what do you get in the course and how can it help you?

The main thing is, that I have recorded all the thoughts and feelings I had when I used The Science of Getting Rich as a guide to get me back in the game, after a disastrous happening in my life.

I actually got my life back on track and found that in addition to the original teachings, there were little extra things that helped my wife and I understand what was happening. It is these experiences that enabled me to connect with people and help them change their mindset and utilize this information in an easily digested format.


  • You get A copy of The Science of Getting Rich In Plain English
  • You get an audio of that book
  • You get a Worry Free Island Destress Programme
  • You also get comprehensive instructions and guidance on how to use the course.


Worry Free Life


  • You get a 10 minute video giving you an overview of what you can expect from the course.
  • You get a transcript of the step so that you can study by reading if you prefer
  • You get an audio of the video for use in your car or on your ipod (mp3)
  • Bonus videos with extra information and ideas.
  • This step gets you ready to absorb these teachings, and gets you in the right mindset to realize how much power and control you have over your life.
  • Plus you get a huge bonus of Relaxation and Visualisation tapes recorded by Val.


  • You get the instructional video along with the downloads as described in Step 1.
  • This step is the foundation of your being able to accept these teachings, because it explains that having what you want from life is actually your birthright, it is only how our past programming has been stored, and how we interpret it that holds us back.
  • You get an additional video about how to prepare yourself for the future.
  • And you get a BONIUS video where Val tells a very funny story as to how we learned some important lessons about rich people and their innermost thoughts.
  • You then get an interactive ACTIVITY SHEET that keeps you on track with regards the information you have just learned.

  • The 10 minute instructional video covers some very in depth information on how you can control your thoughts to alter your future
  • You also get the transcript of the video and an mp3 audio
  • You get a 2 bonus videos that cover some interesting observations on how our brain reacts in certain situations.
  • You get a video that teaches you how to align your thoughts with your future goals.
  • You get the interactive ACTIVITY SHEET that gets your brain into gear by making you THINK.

  • The main teaching video is 10 minutes long and discusses how our actions and thoughts have such a bearing on our future. It also talks about what money actually is and how we seem to give it more power than it deserves.
  • You get the downloads of the transcript and also the mp3 of the video.
  • There is a bonus video of a great story as to how the Universe responded to a young mans vision, and changed the World.
  • Once again, you get the interactive ACTIVITY SHEET that will really add to your journey.
  • Finally you get a video of Val and I having a chat about how things happened for us during our journey.

  • The main video talks us through the difference between wanting something and desiring it. The reason for this is that we must be very clear as to how much we are prepared to put in to achieve our goals.
  • You get the transcript and the audio of the main video.
  • You get a special bonus of the famous ebook, If You Can Drive A Car, You Can Change Your Mindset.
  • You get a video that explains some useful information about how we establish our fears.
  • Val asks me some random questions that have appeared on the FORUM.
  • The ACTIVITY SHEET gets you searching deep to find your passion.

  • The main video covers one of my favourite parts of all these teachings, and it discusses how important being grateful for everything is in our lives, and also some of the knock on benefits you get from just being thankful.
  • You get the transcript and the mp3 audio of the main video.
  • You get a bonus video, made by my dear friend Ken Maclean, and this is possibly the best description and explanation you will ever get about the Law Of Attraction.
  • You get a short video, that gets you thinking about whether where you are is really such a bad place.
  • Val presents a video about how gratitude is part of her life.
  • The ACTIVITY SHEET helps you realize the power of GRATITUDE.

  • The main video goes to great lengths to show you that without efficient action, NOTHING will happen
  • You get the transcript and mp3 of the video
  • Extra flipchart video explaining action.
  • Val talks about how things fell into line once she took efficient action.
  • The ACTIVITY SHEET pulls this step together.

  • The teaching video discusses the importance of you allowing things to happen, and not spending time on wondering how it will happen. This could well be the engine to all this information.
  • You get the transcript and mp3 audio download
  • A bonus Flipchart video.
  • A video of Val and I discussing how Urban Myths stop you doing things although they are not true.
  • The ACTIVITY SHEET helps you find your own urban myths.

  • The main video gives lots of advice on how to weather the storm when things are changing, it also tells you how to determine whether the storm has a STOP signal or a GO signal attached to it.
  • You get a transcript and an mp3 audio download.
  • The bonus video tells you how to control your thoughts in a storm.
  • The teaching video explains how we have to expect disruption.
  • The Activity sheet gets you to work out certain things that will help enormously.

  • The main teaching video takes you on a trip into my past, where I learned the most important lesson of all. FORGIVENESS.
  • You get the transcript and the mp3 audio download.
  • The Flipchart video discusses the importance of SELF ESTEEM
  • BONUS video with 6 strategies to lift you out of a depressed situation.
  • This final ACTIVITY SHEET pulls everything together.

  • The main video recaps on what we have learned together and gives some more tips and advice based on our experiences.
  • You get a transcript and also an mp3 audio download.
  • The bonus videos on this page will change frequently with updates and other tips.

As you can see there is a real commitment needed from you to get real benefit from this course, but I can assure you that these messages are life changing and once you have mastered them, things can never go back to where you were. Even in tough times, you will have the ability to keep your life worry free.

I would like to clarify something at this point, and that is that this course is not magic, but the results are magical.

As in all things in life, there is a price to pay for creating your WORRY FREE LIFE, and if you are not prepared to put in the required effort, things will stay exactly as they are for you.

If however, you are prepared to follow the advice and information in this course, and are prepared to keep getting back on the horse when you fall off, I can guarantee that you will change your life and have total faith and belief in achieving all your goals.

I am so confident that Worry Free Life can do what it says it can do, that I offer an unconditional money back guarantee.
I am prepared to teach you everything that I have learned mainly from experience, but you have to be willing to leave the place where you are, and find out where you want to go, without the constraints of your existing beliefs.

Our 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Let me take all the risks, sign up NOW for the course, and if for any reason after doing the course you feel it has not given you the tools to change your life, I will refund your entire investment.
Worry Free Life


P.S. Have you ever wondered how much more you would achieve in each day if you could stop worrying about those pesky little thoughts that get in the way and distract you from creating the life you know you deserve? How much value would you place on the ability to stop that from happening? Unless you have extremely low aspirations for your life, $197 is a no brainer when you’ve got a money back guarantee to boot.
P.P.S. The decision you make here, right now, is a direct reflection of your commitment to yourself to reach your goals and achieve a Worry Free Life. If you’re not the type of person to make decisions quickly when you know something will help accelerate your growth and development, perhaps this course is not for you. Think carefully before investing your money.